Brent Stapelkamp

Brent Stapelkamp (b. 1977) is devoted to finding ways for people and wildlife to sustainably coexist. Born in Zimbabwe, Brent has long had a passion for lions. His first job was serving as a safari guide in Hwange National Park. From there, he left Hwange for the UK, where he studied Wildlife Management. In 2006, Brent joined Oxford University’s Hwange Lion Research Project, where he has been studying lions in the wild. 

Brent found himself at the epicenter of the “Cecil Storm” in 2015, as he was the last person to collar and photograph Cecil. His images have been published on National Geographic’s PROOF, the BBC, CNN and The Telegraph, among others. His photography of Cecil will be published in an upcoming book in late April 2016.

He currently lives “off-grid” on the boundary of the national park with his wife Laurie and son Oliver.