Cedric Gerbehaye
Congo in Limbo
September 18—October 25, 2009

The ongoing project “Congo in Limbo”, which earned him 7 distinctions in 2008 shows a population still suffering the effects of the conflict in everyday life: disease, malnutrition, under-development, murder and violence. In 2006, the Democratic Republic of Congo embarked on a course designed to restore political process, and reconciliation. But the rebuilding of the country was prevented by the failure to demobilize the militia and the failure to establish a new national army. The situation was critical in Eastern Congo, in the regions of Ituri and Kivu, with its great mineral wealth and its strategic position bordering Uganda and Rwanda. In 2007, 437,000 persons had to flee their villages to escape fighting, rape, and forced recruit- ment of child soldiers. Basic community values were attacked. After the last wave of violence in Kivu at the end of 2008, the number of displaced people is now estimated at one million persons. One sees in Cédric Gerbehaye’s photography that civilians are always the first victims, and armed groups and members of national military forces continue to make illegal gains from the country’s natural resources which provide a source of income to fund the conflict. 

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