George Steinmetz
June 15—August 26, 2011

“I always keep an eye out for wildlife”, says Steinmetz, “but it's getting increasingly hard to locate as the world's population grows and more wildlife habitat is taken for development. It’s usually the poor that move into the few remaining wilderness areas trying to survive with their livestock or hunting on a subsistence level. It's difficult to balance their need for survival with that of the wildlife. Migratory wildlife is even harder to protect, even with National Parks, as herds often circulate outside of conservation areas. However in some instances, migration over vast, roadless expanses can protect wildlife from hunting.”

Steinmetz’s motorized paraglider is the slowest and quietest powered aircraft in the world, therefore, it is particularly well suited for capturing images of wildlife. Such remote areas also lend themselves to unusual aerial access where Steinmetz can take off and land without an airfield or government restrictions. Moving slow and low over herds of animals in very remote places enables him to visualize ecosystems in ways not possible before.

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