Paolo Pellizzari

Paolo Pellizzari photographs the world as an active participant rather than a voyeur. Through a wide panoramic frame, he offers a sweeping overview and a very intimate story. Pellizzari photographs major sporting events and daily life through the same lens. He creates intricate vignettes out of the usual, and the extraordinary. 

“This is not conventional sports photography, the kind that sticks to the hero from the breakaway to the podium” says Pellizzari. “I have opted for a wider view like a stage play, it allows each aspect to be examined: the competitors as well as the spectators”.


2012 Exhibition

Paolo Pellizzari’s panoramic format focuses on the human landscape. His photographs overflow with detail and color to capture anecdotes of daily life, transporting the viewer deep within these landscapes. This exhibition of Paolo’s work was taken from his series, ‘The Broad Way’.